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A Podcast For Jamf Employees And Customers

Dec 8, 2023

Hosts Kat and Rabbit get an update on Microsoft Ignite from Katie John, Jamf Microsoft Partner Manager and Jamf Sales Engineer, Steve Wood. 

Oct 13, 2023

Co-hosts Sean Rabbitt and Kat Garbis welcome Chief Strategy Officer, Henry Patel, and Product Manager, Katie English to unpack all the exciting updates from the JNUC Keynote in this live taping. They discuss key changes in Jamf Pro 11, welcoming back Fletcher Previn (formerly, IBM, now at Cisco) to discuss Apple and...

Sep 11, 2023

Join Kat and Sean as they bring back Matt Woodruff to discuss the Black Hat conference, key security conversations and Jamf's involvement. Then, they take time to discuss common security issues,  and the 2023 Security Findings Report.

Jul 24, 2023

Our co-hosts, Kat Garbis and Sean Rabbitt are joined by Jeff Ovik and Anna Hedstrom, Jamf Senior Event Specialists to unpack what to expect for JNUC 2023.


They reveal updates around sessions, getting more technical at JNUC for the pros, Braindate networking, differences of attending virtually and in-person. And they...

Jun 15, 2023

Join our co-hosts, Kat Garbis & Sean Rabbitt with special guest, Aaron Webb (Sr. Product Marketing Manager - Security - Jamf) as they unpack all the excitement from WWDC. They uncover benefits of same-day support, highlight features, where these features will be supported by Jamf and where they'll be appreciated in the...